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3 projects we're celebrating for Earth Day!

Our team has been providing commercial plant care to offices, restaurants, hotels, and businesses along the Front Range since 1985! We take pride in being able to provide expert care and maintenance to not only revitalize existing interior plant landscaping, but also to help them thrive!

We know that beautifully landscaped interior spaces not only create a healthy and more productive work environment, but also help the actual environment by cleaning the air. In celebration of Earth Day, and with our latest work top of mind, we wanted to share some places around Colorado Springs and beyond that you can find Plant Lady work to enjoy at your leisure.

Stellina Pizza Cafe - Plant Lady Installation

Stellina Pizza Café

We loved doing this raised arrangement at Stellina Pizza Café. The beautiful cascading leaves add a refreshing look to this area without compromising space.

This low-maintenance installation is ideal for restaurants and environments that have high traffic most days of the week.

Academy Hotel Plant Lady Installation

This beautiful Ficus brings the outdoors inside! Easy to keep happy and healthy, our crew can often be found visiting for trims to ensure healthy and productive growth.

The Marriott Colorado Springs Plant Lady Installation

We’re in love with this vibrant green potted installation! Check out the thrills and spills we’ve got going on in this gorgeous display. Ensuring this plant is well watered with lots of natural light, helps keep things beautifully green in an environment where hospitality is key. To learn more about our commercial plant care services, send us a message and we’d love to learn more about how we can help you!

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