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At The Plant Lady we pride ourselves in always delivering excellent service at prices our customers can afford. We start with plants that are acclimated to the Colorado Springs area. Then, our experienced technicians will visit your facility to get a feel for the unique features of your space. Variables such as lighting, temperature, traffic flow, and interior design can all affect the health and effectiveness of your interior plant landscaping.


We then develop a plan using plants that will compliment and thrive in your facility. Our design will include containers in styles, finishes, and colors that showcase both the plants and your space. Our care and maintenance services include everything you need to keep your interiorscape healthy and beautiful.

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The Plant Lady is locally owned and operated and has been in business and offering interior landscaping, and commercial plant care services since 1985.


Our clients in the Colorado Springs area include offices, hotels, retail stores, residences, and a wide range of other building interiors.


Our team brings experience and knowledge to every facility and never stops finding new ways to solve challenges. We are here to help you create an impressive effect.

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