The Plant Lady Difference

As professionals, we bring experience and knowledge to every situation. We use plants that are acclimated to the Colorado Springs area. The result is minimal headaches and problems for the customer.


To showcase the plants and accent your space, we use containers in many styles, finishes, and colors.

Our specialty services include:

  • Colorful flowering plant programs

  • Holiday decorating

  • Interior plant design, installation, and maintenance

  • Service calls:

    • Live repotting, pruning, and cleaning

    • Silk cleaning and renewal

  • Live repotting, pruning, and cleaning

  • Silk cleaning and renewal

  • Leasing for special events

Interior landscape for office
Interior foliage

Interior Foliage Design, Installation, & Maintenance

We work within your budget to create the look you desire and keep it beautiful.

Holiday plant decorating

Holiday Decorating

Not just plants! We'll design holiday decorations to suit your location or install your pre-owned decorations.

Flowering plants

Colorful Flowering Plant Programs

Colorful flowering plants can be used to highlight special occasions or to add a splash of color to a location. Consider poinsettias for Christmas or shamrocks for Saint Patrick's Day.