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Reclaiming Your Workplace Through Plants

With a new year upon us, reflecting on what was and what will be is top of mind for many. Whether it’s planning workplace goals, building a new fitness routine, or simply aiming to achieve better health in the new year.

Whatever your dreams include, it’s important to reclaim your sense of peace for the best foot forward.

Define Your Space

It’s important to first take note of how your existing pace makes you and your employees or colleagues feel. Ask yourself, “What’s working? What’s not working? Does something feel off?” Once you give your workplace a self-audit, this will really help drive your direction and motivation for your plant reclamation process.

Define Your Goals

Now that you know where your space is currently in its reclamation journey, it’s time to create a dream sheet of what you’d love to see happen to that space. Do you want plants that cascade over the edge of a beautiful planter box to resemble flowing waterfalls? Are you looking to add some brightly colored flowering plants to energize your team? Whatever you feel would be important to the overall workplace, this is what you should jot down on a notepad.

Define Your Efficiencies

Do you and your team want to manage or care for your plantscape or would you prefer a team of experts handle that while you and your office soak in the beautifully reclaimed space? Take a note of any pain points you may currently have with the overall atmosphere of your workplace and save those for the next step!

Setup a Plant Lady Consultation

Now that you’ve built the initial framework of your new workplace reclamation project, it’s time to bring in the experts! Don’t worry, our consultations are easy and barely take any effort on your part. In fact, if you bring in some of the notes from the above guide, this will help expedite the whole process.

To setup and reclaim your workspace with the addition or revision of plants, give us a call at 719.633.8754 or send us a message on our contact page.

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