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Celebrate Earth Month with The Plant Lady

Commercial Plant Care Colorado

We love Earth Month! Plants can do so much to benefit our environment and overall well-being. While many people often think of forests and outdoor gardens during Earth Month, your indoor environment is also very important during this observance.

We spend quite a lot of time indoors and having a healthy living and working environment is so important for our overall wellness. We’ve put together some quick Plant Lady tips below for ways you can celebrate Earth Month this month, and every month!

Get Plenty of Natural Light

When you’re working indoors, it can be easy to let an entire day pass you by without any fresh air or vitamin D! If you can, try to position yourself near a natural light source. If you’re unable to rearrange your workspace, take planned breaks throughout your day to pop outside for some air and sunlight. If you have a lobby with windows (and one of our plantscapes) enjoy your lunch surrounded by fresh live greenery.

Hydrate Yourself

Just like your workplace plants, getting the right amount of water can really make all the difference in your overall health. Keep a log of your water intake and opt for a reusable bottle that you can carry with you regularly to keep track.

Get Fresh Air

Whether you have the chance to hit the trails and be out in nature or can just enjoy being around indoor plants like many our clients’ have in their common areas, spend some time around plants to get the fresh air you need to really thrive.

If your workplace doesn’t offer a plantscape, now may be the time to discuss installing some plants - what better way to support your case than the topic of Earth Day?

To learn more about how our commercial plant care company can help your workplace this Earth Month, and beyond, give us a call at 719.633.8754 or send us a message on our contact page.


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