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Plant Care in Colorado

Our team provides a wide variety of interior commercial plant care services for businesses of all sizes in Colorado. Our clients range from private offices, clinics, hotels, restaurants, and educational institutions.

With a wide array of plant care services, we can help clients with any of their plant care needs. From the design and layout of plants from scratch, to maintenance, we’ve got you covered here at The Plant Lady in Colorado Springs.

Perhaps you already have a plantscape, but just need a bit of assistance keeping your plants happy and thriving, our team of Plant Lady experts are here to help! We will make sure your plants are getting the most appropriate lighting, water, soil, and care each time we come by to visit – so that you don’t have to!

This not only helps ensure plants reach their full potential, but it allows clients the opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy their plantscape as they should.

If you’re ready to pass the plant care baton to our team so you can focus on other goals in 2023, give us a call at 719.633.8754 to setup a consultation or send us a message on our contact page here.


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